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About Me

My name is DeMille Hunt, and I am a 3D character animator with experience with keyframe animation in Autodesk Maya. I also have experience retargeting motion capture data to a 3D model and exporting to Unreal Engine 5 as well as performing cleanup in Autodesk MotionBuilder. 


I really love what I do, and I have a strong appreciation and passion for all things computer graphics whether it be something as simple as the animation done in Geico Gecko commercials, or the amazing motion capture performance Andy Serkis did for the Planet of the Apes franchise.


As an animation nerd, while I can really appreciate all of the really cool technology available today to create mind-blowing and memorable experiences, I also love that great art always begins and ends with a great story, thus art and story drives the technology we use to create today. 

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